Michigan's Covid-19 crisis could be a sign of what's to come for the US, expert says - CNN

Christina Maxouris, CNN - 2021-04-12T10:18:00Z

As the US races to vaccinate more Americans, Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations are rising, predominantly among younger people who haven't yet gotten a shot.

Derek Chauvin's defense is using these 3 arguments to try to get an acquittal in George Floyd's death - CNN

Eric Levenson, CNN - 2021-04-12T09:34:00Z

In opening statements and cross-examinations, Chauvin's defense has focused on three main arguments: the "other causes" theory, the "force Is unattractive" theory and the "hostile crowd" theory.

New ‘Heads Up’ feature nags distracted Android users to look up while walking - The Verge

Jon Porter - 2021-04-12T09:25:39Z

Android’s Digital Wellbeing service is getting a new “Heads Up” feature, which will prompt users to stop staring at their phones while walking. The feature appears to be rolling out in beta; one user reports getting the feature on a Pixel 4A.

Prince Philip's death brings young royals into focus for British monarchy - NBC News

Adela Suliman - 2021-04-12T09:02:00Z

The death of Prince Philip comes at a time when the royal family is under intense public scrutiny and brings the next generation of royals into sharp focus.

John Boehner On The 'Noisemakers' Of The Republican Party - NPR

- 2021-04-12T09:00:00Z

Boehner was the Republican speaker of the House during much of the Obama presidency. His new memoir recounts his time leading House Republicans — even if that meant doing things he personally opposed.

Protesters clash with police in Minneapolis suburb after deadly officer-involved shooting - CBS News

Brian Brian - 2021-04-12T08:43:42Z

Police in Brooklyn Center say an officer fired after a stopped driver drove away. Protests followed — with the Derek Chauvin trial about to enter week three.