What the latest on the COVID-19 vaccine could mean for you | Four 2 Five is LIVE - WFMY News 2

- 2021-01-18T22:03:20Z

Four 2 Five is LIVE | We’ve got the latest updates on the coronavirus vaccine and where NC ranks. Also, did you know over 700,000 hazardous hot pockets are b...

In protecting the wearer, two masks can be better than one, scientists say - The Indian Express

Kabir Firaque - 2021-01-18T20:57:31Z

The scientists have recommended two masks rather than one in certain settings, and explained that a mask protects not only people around the wearer but also the wearer.

Study explains why some people report 'hearing the dead' - ANI News

- 2021-01-18T19:44:00Z

Washington [US], January 19 (ANI): A study led by Durham University might explain why some people and not others eventually adopt spiritualist beliefs and engage in the practice of "hearing the dead."

Pace of COVID hospital admissions slowing across every region of England - Yahoo India News

Victoria Bell - 2021-01-18T19:42:01Z

The growth in COVID-19 patients in hospital is slowing in every region of England, suggesting the country is approaching the peak of the second wave of...

New computational technique differentiates between cancer and normal cells within tumour samples: Study - ANI News

- 2021-01-18T18:58:00Z

Washington [US], January 19 (ANI): In an effort to address a major challenge when analyzing large single-cell RNA-sequencing datasets, researchers from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have developed a new computational technique to accuratel…

Teens with anxiety, depression may benefit from peer confidants at school - DTNext

Mirudhula - 2021-01-18T18:51:20Z

Three-quarters of parents in a new national survey say colleagues can better understand teenage challenges including depression and anxiety, compared to teachers or school counselors.

New discovery finds positive role of androgens in breast cancer treatment - Yahoo India News

ANI - 2021-01-18T18:50:29Z

Adelaide [Australia], January 19 (ANI): Researchers at the University of Adelaide have found new evidence about the positive role of androgens in breast...

Postpone periods: Ways to delay your periods without popping pills! - Times of India

TIMESOFINDIA.COM - 2021-01-18T18:30:00Z

You will be surprised to know that there are some all-natural, non-medical ways to delay your periods for a while.

Health issues: the pulmonary effects of COVID-19 - BollyInside

- 2021-01-18T18:29:50Z

It can mimic the symptoms of any respiratory virus. “If you think of a cold, you think of fever, cough, body aches, things like that. The same goes for

Signs of cervical cancer - The Sangai Express

The Sangai Express English - 2021-01-18T18:26:03Z

Dr Th TomchaCervical cancer, also known as Womb Cancer, is the fourth most common cancer in females worldwide and the third most common in both India and Manipur. Approximately 1 lakh new cases are diagnosed worldwide every year. Luckily, the disorder is

COVID-19 vaccination in Haryana: Good response on day 2, says DGHS - Mint

PTI - 2021-01-18T18:21:03Z

Against the target of 18,807 for Monday, 11,457 people were vaccinated, which was a 'good response', Haryana's Director General Health Services Dr Suraj Bhan Kamboj said.Kamboj said the 52 cases of adverse events following immunisation were of 'mild reactions'

Texas designates more coronavirus vaccine hubs in Houston area - KPRC 2 Click2Houston

- 2021-01-18T18:05:27Z

More coronavirus vaccine hubs have been designated in the Houston area.

RT-PCR tests to cost ₹499 in Gurugram - Hindustan Times

HT Correspondent - 2021-01-18T17:56:20Z

The price of the Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR), considered the gold standard test to detect Covid-19, was brought down to ₹499 in Haryana

Over 3,200 healthcare workers administered COVID vaccine in Himachal Pradesh - Devdiscourse

PTI - 2021-01-18T17:21:35Z

Read more about Over 3,200 healthcare workers administered COVID vaccine in Himachal Pradesh on Devdiscourse

Fertility Patients Express Concern Over COVID-19 Vaccines - Contagionlive.com

Kevin Kunzmann - 2021-01-18T16:35:46Z

An interview on new survey data suggesting a majority of fertility and pregnant patients are not interested in the currently available vaccines.

Weight loss: "I finish my dinner before 7 pm to stay fit" | The Times of India - Times of India

TIMESOFINDIA.COM - 2021-01-18T16:30:00Z

For 31-year-old Pooja, it was her sister's initial push which changed her life. Weight loss also helped Pooja fight depression and negativity from her life. Almost a year later, she is healthy, physically and mentally.

4 of 6 COVID vaccine megasites in N.J. are open. Here’s how to get an appointment. - NJ.com

Avalon Zoppo | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com - 2021-01-18T16:21:00Z

Two megasites opened no Friday, at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Middlesex County and Moorestown Mall in Burlington County.

Delhi healthcare workers consulting colleagues, scouring internet before taking Covid-19 vaccine - Times of India

PTI - 2021-01-18T15:55:00Z

Healthcare workers in the national capital are taking into consideration the experience of their colleagues and scouring newspapers and the Internet f